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Whirlagust II

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An Insubstantial Universe

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Reel Bradford

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Our newest competition winners anthology was born in the grip of a pandemic and in it we are 'freed from the constraints,anxieties and isolation of our inner and outer worlds.'

A wonderful collaboration between Yaffle and Leeds Trinity University, An Insubstantial Universe is a celebration of George Eliot's life and work in poetry. 

A Whirlagust is the collective noun for Green Woodpeckers, or Yaffles, so what better name could we give our very first competition winners anthology? In this book you'll find 'poets from far and wide both raging and laughing with and at the world.'

Reel Bradford is an exciting celebration of poetry and film brought to you by the 5 members of Yaffle's editorial team. It's a fabulous collaboration between Bradford's rich history of film-making and poems inspired by the magnificent locations it supplies.