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The Yaffle competition 'Whirlagust'


The Yaffle's Nest Competition 

'What We Inherit from Water'

are now closed 


That's a wrap for the first Yaffle's Nest competition. We had nearly 400 entries from all over the world.

A huge thank you to our friend, Helen Ivory

for helping to judge the top ten poems that were jostling for position - our voting was unanimous

for the top places. There 100 winning poems

in this competition and they'll all be featured in our anthology 'What We Inherit From Water' which will be published in the next few months.





Gain Access - Ian Harker


Runner up:

Rain – Holly Bars



William Walker saves Winchester Cathedral –

Jennifer A. McGowan


Highly Commended:


A question for the freedom swimmers

of the 60s - Florence Ng

Meltwater - Su Ryder

Leaving Shingle Street - Sue Butler

After swimming in the Lido ...  - Jason Conway




Brookside - Sharon Larkin

An extract from the journal of Miss Jean Fairfax - Sheila Jacob

Ammonite - Abigail Roland

Water Molecules - William Thirsk Gaskill

The day she stops being beautiful - Bobbie Sparrow

Yorkshire Watter - Sally Brown



 A glass of orange juice – Rachel Davies

A short day in Carlisle – Fokkina McDonnell

A squadron of tuna is lifting the sea out of itself – Sandra Noel

A view from the future – Jenny Robb

Afraid – Jill Lang

An arctic char’s lament – Bobbie Sparrow

An Olympic length of life – Jane Sharp

And I am – Liz McPherson

Astral swimming – Bruce Barnes

Ball bouncers must pay – Sue Butler

Blame it all on the weatherman – Matt Nicholson

By-sea – Ali Murphy

Circling the Aquarium – BAnne Adriaens

Climacteric – Michelle Chew

Confluence – Sharon Phillips

Crossing place – Liz McPherson

Damned – Louise Jones

Deflecting what never was straight line – Sandra Noel

Dunwich: February 2020 – Sue Butler

Elegy for a dead seal – Sue Burge

Estuary – Mary Anne Smith Sellen

Eve – Sarah Graham

Excalibur – Ruth Higgins

Fear of drowning replays in a childhood nightmare – Margaret Royall

Flash Floods – Kathy Gee

Flood warning – Judi Sutherland

Globes – Boakesey Closs

Headwaters of the Hull – Tim Ellis

Heart of the Patamoi – Lauren Hughes

Heronry - Mary Anne Smith Sellen

Hook, line and sinker - Maggie Mackay

I find out on Social Media - Lauren Hughes

I took a walk once - Maggie Mackay

I’m not hoping for rescue at my age – Julie Elizabeth Griffiths

In my water - Pat Edwards

Keeping out the cold – Linda Marshall

Learning - William Coniston

Lithium – Deborah Lyons

Melusine - Jennifer A. McGowan

Midsummer: dipping our toes in - Hannah Stone

Morecambe Bay normal – Sarah L Dixon

My friend’s cousin - Sue Mackerel

Naiad - Jennifer A. McGowan

Narrowboat - Damaris West

North Yorkshire steam train - Tonnie Richmond

On Durham Heritage Coast - Sarah James

Painting the Saltmarsh - Sue Burge

Pause for breath - Colin Day

Pissing myself – Patrick Druggan

Pond life - Kathy Gee

Pooled – Julia Webb

Portrait of water - Kerry Darbishire

Rain bright days - Patrick Druggan

River mother – Margaret Royall

River of Salt – Racheal Clyne

River tales – Florence Ng

River watch - Patricia Leighton

Riverish - Doryn Herbst

Rivers of Heaven –

Same shoes –

Sea change – Cate Anderson

Send Rain – Lesley Quayle

She is half in love with ink …  - Abigail Rowland

She went into the water – Pat Edwards

So you can love her – Rachel Glass

Spate – Liz McPherson

St Roma De Sau – Judi Sutherland

Standing on the ridge - Patrick Druggan

Swimming with dolphins – Ian Harker

The coastline behind your house – Sandra Noel

The field runs through your body – Sandra Noel

The journey to Gaza – Jenny Robb

The Quiet one – Maggie Mackay

The Rigger – Abigail Rowland

The river remembers – Penny Blackburn

The Severn – Louise Warren

The Tees – Caroline Walling

There you are again – Christian Donovan

This England – Judi Sutherland

Turner’s sketch of Kirkstall Abbey – Claire Wigzell

Underwater – Georgina Titmus

Unseen – Sarah Mnatzaganian

Water pressure – Elspeth McLean

Wavelets – Alwyn Marriage

Why swimming underwater is difficult – Alison Jones

Wish you were here – Sally James

You won’t remember the weatherman – Sharon Phillips

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